About Us


Sage Academy of Massage & Bodyworks is dedicated to providing a high standard of Entry-level Professional Training and Development in the field of Therapeutic Massage.


Sage Academy of Massage & Bodyworks is committed to:

  • Providing a quality, affordable & relevant education with a high standard of knowledge, training, and practical skills, aiding the student to develop and become a competent health professional, all within an exemplary and professional code of conduct.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment for all students.
  • Encourage the qualified student to continually develop personally and professionally, in order to contribute to the development in the field of Therapeutic Massage.


  • Sage Academy of Massage and Bodyworks is unique in that it offers a spectrum of education in Bodywork, Personal Development, and Wellness. The Body-Mind Connection is an extremely important aspect in developing a full background in fundamental skills. An integrated educational approach that is based on client based outcome goals and clinical reasoning enabling the student to achieve excellence in skills and knowledge in Therapeutic Massage.


Students will receive:

  • A thorough knowledge of the structure and function of the human body
  • Theory and practice in a variety of bodywork modalities
  • Enhancement of professional appearance and attitude
  • Successful completion of a curriculum which follows and exceeds guidelines set by the State of Washington.

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