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Sage Academy of Massage & Bodyworks
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Spa Services
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The Academy

Sage Academy of Massage and Bodyworks was founded in 2009 and seeks to foster the development of our students throughout their entire education no matter what their skill level may be. 

Not only does the academy train and teach new students but also offers continued education classes as well.

From Massage Theory & Practice Courses to the Hands-on Training. We understand that each student has a different style of learning, and we aim to accommodate all of our students. Our instructors are talented, creative, professional and are passionate about teaching and providing an atmosphere to learn. Our innovative teaching methods and strategies help students understand and retain the material presented in a way that builds confidence as well as creating foundations for skillsets that can be used within the health and wellness industry for many years to follow. 

Sage Academy is very involved with the community. We support downtown events, local events, and other local businesses. In 2022 & 2023 we were awarded with the “Best Massage Therapy School in Moses Lake, Washington”. 

 For more information or a catalog call us at 509.237.2778 or email us today.

The Spa

The Spa Experience is located next door to the Massage school. There we offer student massages as well as massages by licensed therapists. We offer other services such as reflexology, hot stone massages, body wraps, a sauna, sound immersion room, salt room, foot soaks, aromatherapy, and coming soon Botox treatments.

There are even singing bowl sessions scheduled as well.

You can book a party for a group of your friends to get multiple treatments. Contact us for options!